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Can You Disprove the Thesis?

2 Prizes, 500 troy oz., Win Real Silver, $0 Cost, You Can't Buy In With Cash!

---Whichever Your Answer You can Win!

Yep, you. You there at My Site. This question is for You. Can You Disprove the Thesis? To Win all You have to do is Participate. If You Participate then I Promise I will Reward You.

・So go ahead & Answer by Clicking Either of the Blue Buttons below. Can You Disprove my 'Silver Shortage' Investment Thesis at this time right now? Yes or No? 

・If Your Answer, at this time, is 'No, I Cannot Disprove the Silver Shortage Investment Thesis' then Congrats! Click the 'No' Blue Button. Because You are also Eligible for Prize #1.

・If Your Answer, at this Time, is 'Yes, I Can Disprove, the Thesis' then Congrats! Click the 'Yes' Blue Button. You are Eligible for Prize #2.

・You can't Buy a Piece of the Contest Prize Pie. In fact, there is Nothing to Buy to Enter the Contest. Seriously, You have Nothing to Lose, only to Gain.

・I Designed it so Every Contestant that Participates Wins! -In fact, in the Multiple Ways, so Choose Your Answer by Clicking a Blue Button.


Estimated Shortage Begins

7-10 Billion

All the Individuals Affected


Estimated Profit Potential

A Crowd-Sourcing Contest

The 'Truth' will Set You Free.... 

Well, I should say 'us' free. Among many Reasons, this Contest is to Crowd-Source Intelligence from the Collective. To Incentivize the Most Accurate, Correct and thus Valuable Information! Why?  Well Long Ago before You ...

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